DAL/WE33-E027SP "〈Lucifugus〉" Queen (Foil) - Date A Bullet Extra Booster English Weiss Schwarz Trading Card Game

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【AUTO】 When this card is placed on the stage from your hand or by the 【AUTO】 effect of "Brief Truce, Hibiki", you may put the top card of your clock into your waiting room.
【AUTO】 【CXCOMBO】 When this card attacks, if "〈Lucifugus〉" is in your climax area, and you have another 《Date》 or 《Celestial Spirit》 character, choose 1 of the following effects, and perform it. "Choose up to 2 cards in your opponent's waiting room, return them to their deck, your opponent shuffles their deck, and this card gets +2 soul until end of turn." "You may put the top 2 cards of your stock into your waiting room. If you do, deal 2 damage to your opponent." (Damage may be canceled)