Easy's no fun anyway.

"Bocchi The Rock"

"You need to be responsible for all the consequences."

Welcome to LycoReco

"I can take it easy because Aki's working hard"

"Elegance creates tradition."

Let's Rock!

Yue, The Last Vampire.

All Ships Enter Formation!

Compete with technique and power.

"Now applaud my power is sublime! should it not be celebrated?"

"Hololive is all about it's friendly atmosphere"

Imagine becoming a king to impress the woman you love

A little help from others can be a great blessing.

My feelings have never changed since before.

I never thought this day would come... but I'm so happy it did.

I'll come right away, even if it's out to Nasu Kogen

Come on Let's Go Kirito!

As Far As we Can... Right to the Stars!

"Just where in the world is the captive spirit?"

"I would've gone to the moon and stolen her back."

Elizabeth, I know I've kept you waiting for a while.

"Living Here With You is My Life Now"

I've had my fill of wild bunny girls

"You Have A Crush On Uesugi-Kun??"

"Our Familia Is Only Just Getting Started"

Could this me become the heroine of the story you're trying to make?

Review The Changes On The Website

"I'll Just Keep Moving Forward."

I'm Gonna Make A New Era For Delinquents