DDM/S88-E048 First Adventure, Bell

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【AUTO】 When this card attacks, this card gets +X power until end of turn. X is equal to the number of "【Fire Bolt】" in your waiting room ×1500.
【AUTO】 【CXCOMBO】 When "Unyielding Feelings" is placed on your climax area, if this card is in your center stage, and you have another 《Familia》 or 《Guild》 or 《Hostess of Fertility》 character, choose 1 of the following effects, and perform it. "Choose 1 "《Hestia Knife》" in your waiting room, and return it to your hand." "Search your deck for up to 1 "《Hestia Knife》", reveal it to your opponent, put it into your hand, and shuffle your deck."