KC/S31-E062 3rd Kongo-class Battleship, Haruna-Kai-Ni - Kancolle, 2nd Fleet English Weiss Schwarz Trading Card Game

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【AUTO】 When this card is placed on the stage from your hand, look at up to three cards from the top of your deck, choose up to one card from among them, and put it into your hand. Put the rest into your waiting room.

【AUTO】 When?this?card?attacks, if a card named "If you are fine with Haruna, I'll take you on any time!" is in your climax area, choose up to one card in your opponent's waiting room, put it on the top of your opponent's deck, and until the end of your opponent's next turn, this card gets +2500 power and the following ability. "【CONT】 This card cannot be chosen by your opponent's effects."