January 24th, 2022 Weekly Update - Post Bang Dream! Release Update

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January 24th, 2022 Weekly Update - Post Bang Dream! Release Update

Welcome back to the Strictly Broken weekly update, everyone! It was quite a big release for the latest Bang Dream! set and we do have some updates for you guys regarding everything happening here at SBTCG.

Don't forget you guys can send in questions about the store in general or about one of your orders to: questions@strictlybrokentcg.ca
Now let us get in the news!

Bang Dream!

Now while the latest sets for Bang Dream! are now up on the site, we have playsets still available for purchase for a limited time, and will be available for Morfonica x Raise a Suilen and Poppin' Party x Roselia, these ones take a bit longer to make, but once you've placed an order we will do our best to get it out to you as soon as we can. 

We will also be doing periodical updates to the our website inventory for each set throughout the week so stay tuned to each, to find out what gets restocked!

Touken Ranbu

We are still working on putting out our high rarity items for Touken Ranbu and we know that a lot of you are asking for them. We should have them available soon, so check back here to see when your favorites come into our stock!

The Trial deck is still available for order as well and they come with some of the dice that was available in the Lyrical Melody deck too. Get them while they last!


Pre-orders for D-BT04 Awakening of Chakrabarthi are up on our site and with the set releasing in only a few weeks, a well placed pre-order will certainly have your spot in line for the release.

We will soon be taking pre-orders for D-VS03 Clan Collection Vol. 3 and D-VS04 Clan Collection Vol. 4. A lot of units are making a return in these sets, stay tuned to our site to know when they are available for purchase!

Rent-A-Girlfriend is the next set up for a release and you can find pre-orders for a the playset here, along with many others that are coming out!

Shipment Information

We have been experiencing a lot of shipments to the east coast see delays, these delays have been caused by restrictions due to current events and extreme weather.

We do want to remind everyone that we do have free tracked shipping over when you spend over 120$ in Canada and 80$ in the US. Now our basic letter mail shipping can get the items to you, but if you want to see where your items are in real time, a tracked packet is always better.

Current events still have our shipments to Australia and New Zealand restricted by regular shipment options. 

We are reminding everyone from these areas that we will be contacting them before we ship through our alternative shipment option Asendia. For New Zealand, we will be sending your package via APC.

Winter backlogs are still impacting most postal services. Expect a 5-10 Business day delay for regular and tracked postage for all services.


I'd like to give a big shoutout to SBTCG Coen Cheng for obtaining a Top8 in BROFest Weiss Schwarz for the EU region. Coincidentally, Coen also has a birthday today, Happy Birthday Coen! Don't forget to use Coen's sponsored player code SBTCGCOEN to get 5% off your order on our site!

Don't forget to check out our team running our Twitch Channel and Youtube Channel, and you should too! They make great content, so remember to like, comment, and subscribe! 

That's all for this weekly update! Follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for all our news updates. Use your favorite sponsored player code for 5% off your purchase on anything in our entire store! Be sure to stay tuned for the weekly update every Monday!


Image via ©bushiroad All Rights Reserved. 

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