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Hope everyone is doing well today! We have another weekly update for all of you. I hope your holidays were merry and had some fun New Year's celebrations. We are all now back in the office, doing the things to make sure everything can be shipped. I'm glad to be back at it for another year of releases for both Cardfight! Vanguard!! and Weiss Schwarz.Alright, let's get into the Updates.Start Deck 06: Mirei Minae We have received our shipment of Start Decks and will be shipping them out as soon as possible. Unfortunately, due to strenuous conditions we were not able...

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Hey everybody, I couldn't post on Monday, as there were many orders to be sent out. It's an insanely busy week for us, and we hope you all had a very merry Christmas. Our heater was down for a day, and it was cold while making all the orders, especially since it snowed pretty hard here. We will be working extremely hard to get everything shipped for you guys, as many of you seem to have gone Christmas shopping on our site. I will be doing my hardest to answer any questions, so you can send them to me here...

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